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Alanya Car Rental

Publication Date: 05/09/2023

Everything About Renting a Car in Alanya

Alanya is considered the pearl of the Mediterranean, are you ready to discover its beautiful natural beauties, historical places and wonderful beaches? Renting a car in Alanya is one of the best ways to travel comfortably in this city full of unique beauties. Here is everything you need to know about the process of renting a car in Alanya:

Car Rental Process in Alanya:

1. Rental Car Research and Comparison in Alanya:
   - We provide the most suitable vehicle for your needs with our car rental service in Alanya. 
   - You can reserve your special vehicle right away from our vehicle fleet .
   - You can make a reservation via the online rent a car  link or directly from our branches.
   - Early booking usually offers better prices. Get in touch!
3. Vehicle Delivery:
   - Prepare the necessary documents: such as driver's license, identity card or passport.
   - When receiving the vehicle, check the general condition of the vehicle.

Places to go by renting a car in Alanya (Places Where You Can Witness Unique Moments):

1. Alanya Castle:
   - This castle, which has hosted many civilizations throughout history, offers unique views.
   - The castle attracts attention with its Seljuk architecture and is an ideal place to capture magnificent photographs.
2. Dim Stream:
   - You can visit Dim Stream to cool off in the scorching summer heat and have a delicious lunch.
   - Here you can sit in white tents and enjoy the mountain view.
3. Cleopatra Beach:
   - Famous for its golden sandy beach, Cleopatra Beach is a great option for sunbathing and swimming.
   - You can enjoy the sunset by walking here in the evening.
4. Damlataş Cave:
   - The cave is also used for therapy for asthma and other respiratory diseases.
   - The dripstones inside offer a visual feast.
5. Sapadere Canyon:
   - It is a perfect place for nature walks and trekking.
   - Unique views and crystal clear waters greet you throughout the canyon.
Suggestions and Tips for Renting a Car:
1. **Travel Plan:** Plan your itinerary in advance and prepare according to seasonal conditions.
2. **Local Flavors:** Don't forget to try the unique culinary delicacies of Alanya.
3. **Safe Driving:** Some roads in Alanya can be narrow and winding. Be careful for a safe drive.
By renting a car in Alanya, you can easily explore the hidden paradises and non-touristy corners of the city. This trip, where you will collect unforgettable memories, will offer an experience where you will immerse yourself in the magic of the Mediterranean.
Frequently Asked Questions About Alanya Car Rental

What to eat in Alanya?

Alanya hosts the rich tastes of Mediterranean cuisine. Here are some dishes and flavors you should try in Alanya:

1. Fresh Seafood:
**Fish Types:** You can find types such as sea bass, sea bream and swordfish in the fresh fish and seafood menu.
**Appetizers:** Olive oil appetizers served alongside seafood enrich your experience.
2. Kebabs and Meat Dishes:
**Shish Kebab:** Spicy shish kebabs are a popular dish where meat is served in its best form.
**Tandır Kebab:** This slow-cooked meat dish is known for the unique taste it leaves on the palate.
3. Appetizers and Salads:
**Hummus:** This appetizer based on chickpea and tahini can be preferred as a starter.
**Çılbır:** Prepared with yoghurt and fresh herbs, this appetizer is a refreshing option, especially in summer.
4. Olive Oil Dishes:
**Leaf Wrap with Olive Oil:** It is a dish cooked in olive oil and contains ingredients such as rice and pine nuts.
**Okra:** Okra cooked in olive oil is a healthy and delicious option.
5. Traditional Turkish Desserts:
**Baklava:** This dessert, prepared with hazelnuts or walnuts, is famous for its sherbet.
**Künefe:** This dessert, which is the perfect combination of cheese and kadaif, is served hot.
6. Local Flavors:
**Tavas Lamb Kapama:** This local dish is prepared with lamb and vegetables and is especially preferred in winter.
**Alanya Pastry:** This type of pastry is a very popular flavor, especially for breakfast.
7. Famous Fruits and Drinks:
**Tropical Fruits:** You can use tropical fruits grown in the region in your desserts or fruit salads.
**Citrus:** Alanya is also famous for its citrus products. Freshly squeezed orange juice is the best way to start your day fresh.
While enjoying your gastronomic experience in Alanya, don't forget to try the classics of Turkish cuisine as well as local delicacies!

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